Best Tagalog Relationship Quotes

“Best Tagalog Relationship Quotes”

In every relationship there is going to be disagreements between both participants. Sometimes couples will make each other mad, and sometimes couples will make each other sad. There are many Tagalog Relationship Quotes circling around the web. We gathered the best out of it, here are some of them.

“Yung taong napapasaya ka. Yung taong sinosuportahan ang mga pangarap mo. ¬†Yung taong hindi ka kayang saktan”

Everybody deserves someone that will help him or her in their lifetime pursuit to finding and maintaining being happy, not someone who would only complicate and hold them back from this pursuit. Sometimes many of us experience relationships in which the person we are with is only holding us back from where we know in our hearts that we really want to go. We all deserve someone who will make us happy, who will be there to support us, and to help guide us, we don’t need people in our lives who are only there to hurt us.

“Kung talagang mahal ka ng isang tao, maglalaan sya ng oras para sayo. No excuses, no lies, and no broken promises”

When it comes to making time for the people in our lives that we want to maintain a steady relationship with, we must be willing to make sacrifices sometimes. If a person isn’t someone that we would probably never sacrifice our time for, then it is highly likely that this person isn’t for us.

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“Kahit na mahal ka ng isang tao, kailangan mong tanggapin na hindi lang ikaw ang pwedeng makapagpasaya sa kanya”

Sometimes when we go through a relationship and our love grows for someone, we feel as though their dedication of greater amounts of time, and energy means that we are the only people that make them happy. After a while if two people aren’t given enough space from each other, they will start to irritate and even come close to annoying one another. In an attempt to avoid this we should make good attempts at being the person we truly are on the inside at all times.

“Wag ka nang mag abalang mag sorry kung uulitin mo lang rin naman ang mga bagay na inihihingi mo ng tawad”
There is a huge difference between talking about change, and really becoming the change that you have been talking about It is very important that when we make our convictions public, that we seek to really meet the goals that we once spoke as a dream. More often than not, the relationships you build and maintain with people over the years can easily diminish if you don’t do the things that you say you are going to do.

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“Ang mga damdamin nagbabago, pero ang mga alaala hindi”

In order to truly let go of a person or a relationship that ended abruptly and unexpectedly in life, we have to realize at some point that feelings change, and memories don’t. Over time, usually the separation of two people causes feelings to change between these two, though the two may share very pleasant memories for years, memories by themselves simply aren’t enough to keep two souls bound together. In order to keep the flame of a relationship lit, a couple has to be willing to keep lighting the candle.

“Lahat ng tao marunong magmahal, pero iilan lang ang marunong magmahal nang hindi nanloloko”

Loving one person forever is a goal that we all aim to do, or at least it should be. Love is something that is given with the intent to never be broken or destroyed. Just because you know how to start a love, doesn’t mean that you know how to stay with a person you love forever. When we love someone we have to be willing to love them without fooling them. Love isn’t something that endures for a while, love endures forever.
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