Single Hugot Quotes

Single Hugot Quotes is a cool, cute and timely collection of Ms. Taray lines by a single person. When you’re single, it’s not necessarily a bad thing for a person. Most of the time, it’s way too better than being in an unhealthy relationship with the wrong person. A single person does not have to mean being alone. Being one could mean so many good things like you can hang out with friends, meet more people and enjoy a cup of coffee with anyone you want to be with. You can also take time for yourself.

Can you imagine the perks of being a single? Well, just remember that if you’re not happy with yourself being single then you won’t be happy in a relationship either. You have to create your own life first before you can share it someone else. Here’s a selection of Single Hugot Quotes that you can relate and share with your friends.



Porke ba Single Malungkot na?

Kailangan pag single panget agad?…
Di ba pwede Choosy muna? XD



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