Top Most Trending Diet of 2018






The Dash diet helps to lower blood pressure by providing more key nutrients, such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium, all of which are associated with lower blood pressure. This diet plan promote low calories and rejects refined and processed foods by promoting diet rich in fruits, vegetables, low fat or nonfat dairy and whole grains like lean meats, fish, poultry, nuts and beans. They discourage the people in this diet to consume saturated fat, sugary beverages, sweets, full-fat dairy and some oils—and they encourage them to eat less salt overall.


Flexitarian Diet

Weight Watchers uses a points system to track food intake. Every food has an assigned number of points, depending on its calorie count and people are told to intake just a total number for each day. Sweet foods has higher points while those foods that are high in nutrients has fewer points, thus they’re diet plan are more in nutritious foods than sweets. It promotes a balanced diet, eating in moderation, and eating the foods you want.




This is short for the Mediterranean-Dash Diet. This Diet is good for the health of your brain. People are encouraged to eat vegetables, berries, nuts, fish and other brain-healthy foods. This diet is designed to promote a healthy mind and lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.


Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Diet (TLC)

Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Diet promotes cutting down cholesterol level. People can eat specific amounts of different types of foods. Like Saturated fat, Polyunsaturated fat, Monounsaturated fat, Carbohydrate, Soluble fiber, Protein, and Cholesterol with the right amount of it but they recommend to avoid trans fat.



Mediterranean Diet

It is called Mediterranean Diet because it is based on foods and recipes of Mediterranean countries. People in this diet are encouraged to eat primarily plant-based foods, such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and legumes. They consume healthy fats like canola oil and olive oils. They limit eating red meats into few times a month only and of course they encourage them to have plenty exercise.




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